The Recommended PC Shooting Games

Because shooting games can provide players with a more immersive gaming experience, they have gained the love of many players. So, what are some enjoyable shooting games worth experiencing on the PC platform? Today, we bring you recommendations for PC shooting games, hoping to be helpful to all players.

Greedy Earth

This is an exhilarating top-down shooter game where players use powerful weapons to eliminate waves of incoming enemies like a tide. The gameplay experience is reminiscent of a blend between “Bloodthirsty Earth” and “Vampire Survivors,” and the combat process also incorporates rich rogue elements. By obtaining various powerful equipment, players can unleash many interesting combos!

Greedy Earth” utilizes the Unreal Engine 5, making its graphics exceptionally impressive. Each monster is finely detailed, and when these creatures gather and charge at the player, it creates an intense sense of pressure!

Correspondingly, players have a rich arsenal of weapons, and their dynamic performances are cool and exaggerated enough to give players plenty of confidence to fully enjoy the thrill of harvesting enemies! If you’re a fan of exhilarating shooting and survival games, don’t miss out on this one. Hurry up and give it a try!

Deep Sea Survivor

“Deep Sea Survivor” is a shooting game that combines roguellite elements. You will pilot a spaceship, traveling through space while battling enemies coming from all directions. At the same time, you must collect resources and, with each upgrade, gain more skills and weapons to unleash powerful combat combos unique to you!

The gameplay is extremely exhilarating, as players need to maneuver their spaceship skillfully through the barrage of bullets. While ensuring their own safety, they must use the formidable cannons on the spaceship to harvest waves of incoming enemies! Experience the thrilling sensation of space invincibility!

Deep Space Survivor” also boasts a wealth of rogue elements, currently featuring 8 different warships with unique attributes, 12 upgrade paths, and dozens of weapons and special equipment. This provides players with nearly endless possibilities for combinations, making each battle journey full of freshness and excitement, never tiring even after a million attempts! If you’re a fan of exhilarating shooting and survival games, don’t miss out on this one. Hurry up and give it a try!

City of Rhythm

“City of Rhythm” is a Rogue shooting game with music at its core. You will find yourself in a neon-lit cyber metropolis, using various weapons and skills to eliminate waves of enemies to the beat of the music! Here, you can experience not only exhilarating shooting but also the enchanting rhythm of the music.

In the game, you are not just a warrior but also a dancer! Every shot you take is like hitting a drumbeat, and every dodge is like illuminating neon lights! If you follow the rhythm of the music, your actions will perfectly synchronize with the lights and music in the scene, turning the battlefield into a magnificent stage in an instant!

Of course, the music rhythm will also grant you greater combat power. Shooting to the right beat allows you to unleash powerful blows instantly, and dodging at the correct drumbeat enables flawless maneuvers. In “City of Rhythm,” victory not only relies on your hands and eyes but also on your ears to grasp the rhythm of the music. Operating with the poise of a dancer will make your battles more fierce and seamless!

Dead Space: Remake

“Dead Space: Remake” is developed by EA Motive, using the Frostbite Engine, specifically designed for PC and next-gen consoles. With stunning visuals and sound effects, it elevates the sense of horror and immersion to unprecedented heights. “Dead Space: Remake” also features improvements in various aspects such as the storyline, characters, and gameplay compared to the original version.

Star Wars: Squadrons

In “Star Wars: Squadrons,” experience the realistic flying sensation and master the art of space combat in control of interstellar starfighters. Strap in and join your squadron to enjoy the adrenaline-pumping first-person multiplayer space battles. Take on the thrilling “Star Wars” single-player campaign from the perspective of a pilot.

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