Ragnok 2 – A Review of the Little-Known Gun-Grip Gaming Mouse

Introduction: Do you remember the unique gun-grip gaming mouse called “Ragnok”? It was a mouse shaped like a gun grip that was released some time ago. Today, I want to review the new model of this niche mouse, the “Ragnok 2,” which has recently been released. This mouse allows you to play FPS games while experiencing the feeling of holding a gun.

Ragnok: The World’s First Gun-Grip Gaming Mouse: Ragnok, the world’s first gun-grip gaming mouse, was initially launched in 2019. It features a vertical design that resembles holding a pistol, providing a unique experience for FPS gameplay. In a previous review of the original Ragnok, I found that it surprisingly allowed for about 60-70% of my regular aiming capabilities in FPS games, making it more than just a novelty item.

Unboxing the Ragnok 2: Let’s start by unboxing the Ragnok 2 and taking a closer look at its design. To my surprise, the one I received was the white model, which was not mentioned beforehand and came as a surprise. While the official website and store did not mention the availability of a white version, it is possible that it will be released in the future.

Design Details: The Ragnok 2 has keyboard-style red-axis switches in its trigger section, with the upper trigger serving as the left click (shooting) and the lower trigger as the right click (ADS) by default. This design allows you to feel like you’re actually shooting a gun while playing FPS games.

New Addition: Anti-Tipping Stand: Upon opening the box, I noticed a new accessory – a black mouse sole-like piece attached to the bottom. This piece is used as a stand to prevent the mouse from tilting while in use. While its design is relatively simple, it proves to be effective in preventing unwanted tilting.

Improved Button Layout: One major improvement in the Ragnok 2 is the placement of the scroll wheel, which was a source of dissatisfaction in the previous model. The scroll wheel was located on the back of the mouse, making it difficult to use. However, in the Ragnok 2, the button layout has been significantly improved. The scroll wheel is now easily accessible with a slight upward movement of the thumb, and a new button has been added below the wheel, offering a convenient “back” button functionality. Furthermore, button configurations can be freely adjusted through software.

Enhanced Charging Cable Port Placement: The charging cable port, which was inconveniently located at the bottom of the original Ragnok (reminiscent of Apple’s MagicMouse design), has been moved to the front in the Ragnok 2, providing a more user-friendly position.

Mystery “Vibration Function”: A mysterious “vibrator” switch is located on the bottom of the mouse, which turns out to be a vibration function. Whenever the trigger is pulled, the mouse produces a faint vibration sound, which the author finds a bit puzzling. It doesn’t quite resemble the recoil of a gun, more like a soft “Moooon… Moooon…” vibration. While its purpose is unclear, it seems to be an attempt to enhance the gaming experience.

Performance Testing: To test its usability, I tried playing FPS (CombatMaster) with the Ragnok 2. The video shows that I surprisingly managed to aim reasonably well without much practice, having only used the mouse for about 2 hours since unboxing. At the beginning, it was challenging to move the view horizontally due to the mouse’s different hand movements. However, after about 30 minutes of practice, I gradually became accustomed to it, and the aiming improved to a more regular level.

Recommended User Profile: The Ragnok 2 is recommended for those who want to play casual FPS games with a unique gaming experience, for users interested in trying out peculiar mice, and for content creators looking for a one-shot gag. While it may not be suitable for competitive gameplay or those seeking ergonomic benefits for their wrists (due to its vertical hand position), it certainly proves to be a surprisingly usable mouse in relaxed gaming environments. It should work well in games like Apex, though it might be challenging to reach high ranks. The Ragnok 2 is priced at $59.99~69.99.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the Ragnok 2 can be regarded as an entertaining novelty mouse, offering a distinct gaming experience for FPS enthusiasts. Its unusual design might not suit everyone, but for those looking for something different and fun, the Ragnok 2 is worth considering.

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