6 Recommended Shooting Games for Non-Stop Gunplay Excitement

While for many gamers, the keyboard and mouse offer unparalleled advantages over controllers for playing shooting games, using a controller for motion control and experiencing haptic feedback is also an invaluable experience.

Although Switch does not have a triple-A gun game such as “COD”, there are still many other shooting games. Let’s take a look!



《Splatoon》This series features unique and innovative gameplay, created solely by Nintendo, that has captivated countless players.

The adorable and lovable little squids and octopuses, stylish and trendy outfits and equipment, diverse and plentiful weapons, and most importantly, the breaking of traditional gaming rules, all contribute to making “Splatoon” an endlessly enjoyable work. In its third installment, it not only introduces brand-new weapons and skills but also features a central city inspired by the Kowloon Walled City, which adds to the anticipation of Chinese players.

In the previous generations, both the first installment on the Wii U platform and the second one lacked Chinese language support, causing many domestic players to yearn for its gameplay and stylish aesthetics but hesitate due to the reliance on English and Japanese.

With the highly anticipated third installment, it has finally included Chinese language support, fulfilling everyone’s expectations, and naturally raising the excitement to the maximum! We gamers are that simple – you give us Chinese, and we give you money!


Sniper Elite 4

The “Sniper Elite” series is also a well-established franchise in the sniper simulation games. On the Nintendo Switch, we currently have access to three installments: V2, 3, and 4. Since there isn’t a significant narrative continuity, players can directly start with the fourth installment. In many other FPS and TPS games, sniper rifles are not the primary weapons used throughout the entire gameplay; players often switch to rifles, shotguns, and other firearms for close combat. However, in online multiplayer FPS games, many players like myself, who may not excel at precise aiming, are often mocked by teammates as “bullet magnets.”

This game, centered around long-range sniping, is an absolute must-play for sniper rifle enthusiasts. It even features precise targeting of various body parts – headshots and eye shots are expected, but it goes beyond that to include some rather unconventional targets, such as… well, let’s just say you can even snipe the “eggs” of your enemies.

Yes, you heard it right – you can aim for and hit the enemy’s “eggs” if you so desire. It may sound painful, haha! If you’re up for it, you can go all out and make it an “egg-popping” affair throughout the entire game. This unique aspect has earned the game the humorous nickname of “Sniper Egg-lites.”



《DOOM》The series showcases a violent aesthetic with copious amounts of blood and organ explosions, leaving every player exhilarated.

On the Nintendo Switch, we have access to six installments, with the latest being “DOOM Eternal.” Each of these six works embodies the pinnacle of violent aesthetics, delivering a constant sensation of “thrilling excitement” throughout the gameplay.

Compared to the previous releases on the Nintendo Switch, “DOOM Eternal” has seen significant optimizations, making it much more enjoyable.

“DOOM Eternal” inherits the series’ consistent violent aesthetics, with excellent gunplay that brings immense satisfaction as we tear demons apart. Experiencing the demons’ destruction triggers a primal sense of gratification deep within the soul.

Thanks to the new action design, the game’s map structure is more three-dimensional, intertwining combat and exploration. Not only does it offer the exhilaration of battling demons, but it also provides a sense of achievement through exploration, resulting in double the joy!



“BioShock” received high praise right from its initial release, especially the first installment and “BioShock Infinite.” The optimization on the Nintendo Switch has been remarkable as well.

The game excels in its narrative, gameplay, and atmospheric design, offering not only an exhilarating FPS shooting experience but also a must-play masterpiece for story-driven game enthusiasts.

The Nintendo Switch cartridge includes the first, second, and the third installment, “BioShock Infinite,” and all three games fully support Simplified Chinese. While it may not match the discounted digital versions, the current price of 150-180 yuan is still a great deal, allowing you to get three major titles at once!

Among them, “BioShock Infinite” is definitely worth experiencing first. Within the first few minutes of the game, players will arrive at the breathtaking city in the sky, with vibrant and lively colors that are truly stunning.

Beneath the magnificent and prosperous exterior, however, lies a dark and sinister secret, giving this beautiful scenery an added layer of significance. As players explore and engage in battles, the game will unfold an unforgettable and adventurous journey!


For many gamers, the summer of 2016 holds some of the most unforgettable moments in their gaming lives, as they stormed through King’s Row, Numbani, and Dorado with their friends in “Overwatch.”

Although “Overwatch” is also available on the Nintendo Switch, it lacks Chinese language support due to licensing and is not part of the same server as the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions. This means Nintendo Switch players can enjoy a separate gaming experience without worrying about competing against players from other platforms, and they need not be concerned about the challenges of FPS gameplay with a controller.

Overall, the experience of “Overwatch” on the Nintendo Switch is not too bad, especially if you’re playing it while lying on the bed – what more could you ask for?

To maintain a decent visual quality, the Switch version compromises with a frame rate of 30 frames per second, which is generally stable. However, during intense team fights, especially when ultimate abilities like Dragonblade and Bob are unleashed, there may be noticeable fluctuations in the frame rate due to the increased computational demand.

However, overall, players on the Nintendo Switch tend to lean more towards entertainment. So, if you’re looking for an “Overwatch” experience that is less focused on the competitive atmosphere and more about casual fun with everyone, then the Switch version might be quite suitable. (But make sure to have a good gaming accelerator as playing without it might result in unstable connections.)



Fortnite” swept the world in 2018, and even to this day, it remains a dominant force, undoubtedly a well-known name to every gamer. Epic Games, as the developer, has reaped immense profits from its success.

The Nintendo Switch version of this game has undergone multiple optimizations, achieving a commendable level of graphics and gameplay. Although there have been compromises in resolution due to hardware limitations, it is still more than playable. Especially when playing in handheld mode, one can clearly feel the significant improvement compared to playing on a mobile device (due to the difference in hardware capabilities).

It is indeed regrettable that “Fortnite” does not have a Chinese version. However, this doesn’t hinder players from enjoying the game’s fun since battle royale games don’t heavily rely on text!

In fact, the Chinese version of this game has always been exclusive to Tencent, but currently, the domestic version has been shut down due to not obtaining a license for several years. Hopefully, in the future, the international version can be updated to include Chinese, allowing more players to enjoy the game in their native language!

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