Raman Republic Unveiled: MADFINGER Games Announces Realistic Open-World Tactical FPS ‘Gray Zone Warfare’ Powered by Unreal Engine 5

MADFINGER Games has announced a new open-world tactical FPS titled “Gray Zone Warfare.”

Set in the fictional country of Raman Republic, inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Laos, players will explore a vast open world either solo or in squads. The goal is reminiscent of games like ‘Escape From Tarkov,’ where players aim to collect valuables, explore the surroundings, and safely return.

The game, designed with a highly realistic approach, utilizes the ‘Unreal Engine 5.’ The graphics, damage to body parts affecting performance, and the ability to customize weapons with over 100 attachments showcase a commitment to realism.

This marks MADFINGER Games’ debut for a PC title, having gained recognition for award-winning mobile FPS games such as ‘Shadowgun’ and ‘Dead Trigger.’

According to the Steam Store page, “Gray Zone Warfare” is expected to be released in 2024, with the price yet to be disclosed. The game is planned for localization in Japanese, so those interested may want to add it to their wishlist.

See the full press release below:

MADFINGER Games Announces Expansive Open-World Tactical FPS “Gray Zone Warfare”

Leveraging the latest Unreal Engine 5 for unparalleled graphics and immersive gameplay, MADFINGER Games introduces their debut PC title, “Gray Zone Warfare,” a game that prioritizes realism.

November 3, 2023 – MADFINGER Games, renowned for award-winning titles like ‘Shadowgun’ and ‘Dead Trigger,’ has unveiled their debut PC game, “Gray Zone Warfare,” powered by Unreal Engine 5. The title is slated for localization in Japanese.

Witness the thrilling and captivating world of “Gray Zone Warfare” in its first official trailer: Gray Zone Warfare Trailer

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About “Gray Zone Warfare”

Prepare for a realistic and immersive open-world tactical FPS as you venture into a vibrant yet ruthless jungle. Every step carries the weight of destiny, and your squad’s tactics, skills, and precision will be your salvation.

Key Features:

  • Every move matters: In this environment where each battle is decisive, losing hard-earned gear and progress is a real possibility. Stick close to teammates, prioritize your health and squad, and adapt to the surroundings for a strategic advantage.
  • Play with friends: Join one of the three factions and engage in challenging missions against other human operators or AI-controlled enemies.

Accept the challenge: Explore at a leisurely pace to plan more effectively. Fight together and experience the game collaboratively.

Join the community: Participate in the passionate community of hardcore gamers. Share your experiences, tips, and strategies on forums and social platforms.

Marek Rabas, Co-founder and CEO of MADFINGER Games, expressed excitement about the PC debut, stating, “We are thrilled to announce our first PC game, ‘Gray Zone Warfare.’ My life’s work has led to this moment. Please look forward to ‘Gray Zone Warfare.'”

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About MADFINGER Games: MADFINGER Games is a globally recognized independent game studio with a rich portfolio of award-winning titles played by millions worldwide. Having earned accolades such as Google Play’s “Most Beautiful Game of 2019” for their mobile games, the studio is now taking a significant step forward in developing new titles for PC. Their upcoming game focuses on stunning visuals, exceptional gameplay, and a hardcore gaming experience.

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