Here are 8 recommended shooting games for 2023.

FPS shooting games belong to the earliest genre of video games, and their gameplay is very beginner-friendly due to their low learning curve. So, what are the top ten most enjoyable FPS shooting games in 2022? As an FPS shooting enthusiast, you will definitely be interested in these games. Let’s take a look together!


For FPS shooting games, you definitely need to play the classics, and this game is precisely a mobile port of the PC version. It has been optimized well in terms of system and shooting mechanics, offering not only classic gameplay and firearms but also numerous new modes for players to experience.

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2、”Warzone Champions”

Apart from retaining the fundamental FPS shooting gameplay, the biggest feature of this game is its post-apocalyptic survival theme. Many popular and advanced design concepts have been incorporated into the game, emphasizing not only intense combat but also strategic intelligence.

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Since its early days on PC, this game has attracted millions of users. After transitioning to the mobile platform, not only has the gameplay become more accessible, but it also retains its original essence. Players, apart from engaging in fierce firefights, must also balance the rapid construction of fortresses.

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4、”Beach Landing 3D”

An FPS shooting game set in a war environment, where intense battles take place throughout the entire game. Experience the thrilling rush of firepower suppression, as the game has almost no restrictions and demands. Once you become proficient in operations, you can enjoy all the game modes to the fullest.

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5、”Gun Hero”

This game not only incorporates shooting elements but also adds the most popular role-playing aspects. It boasts strong competitiveness and allows players to team up with friends to challenge bosses in dungeons. With an extensive variety of firearms to choose from, the shooting experience is absolutely top-notch.


6、”CS: Counter-Terrorist Elite World”

Everyone has played CS on the computer during their childhood, and this game allows you to relive those memories. Whether it’s the visuals or the maps, everything is designed based on Counter-Strike, and many details have been optimized.

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7、Wilderness Action

Originating the gameplay of Battle Royale, this game features matches with hundreds of players. As your rank improves, each match becomes more thrilling, especially with the inclusion of modern weapons, making battles more intense and requiring players to quickly gather resources.

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The game offers multiple maps for players to choose from. Players skydive to various corners of the map, searching for weapons, vehicles, and supplies, and engage in battles across diverse terrains. To achieve victory, both strategy and marksmanship are equally important. During the game, a blue circle gradually shrinks, forcing players to confront each other in a smaller area. This circle is commonly referred to as the “electric circle” or “poison circle” – the latter term inspired by a similar shrinking gas circle mechanic in the game “H1Z1,” which the developers claim is created by a type of electrical emitter.

In each match, the safe zones are randomly generated, and the weapons and items in each area are randomly placed. Each map has its distinct characteristics. Due to the game’s mechanics, the safe zones and bombing zones are random and cannot be influenced by players. Every game, the airplane flies from different directions around the island, allowing players to freely choose their parachute landing spot. Choosing where to parachute is a major highlight of the game, as players can opt to land in resource-rich military bases and fight their way out or land in sparsely populated, resource-poor wild areas. The modeling of every scene on the map is highly realistic, including towns, residential areas, military bases, and air-raid shelters, among others. The game’s high replayability is mainly due to the vast diversity of the game’s landscapes.


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