Sure! Here are ten essential PC games

Doom Eternal

The most intense and destructive shooting game experience. No storyline, no complicated elements, just endless shooting. It might get monotonous when played solo, but multiplayer cooperation is the preferred choice. Besides the combat, the game offers fantastic controls and battle sound effects. It completely eradicates any sense of boredom.

Just Cause 4

A highly immersive open-world shooting game with unparalleled freedom. In this vast gaming world, you can play without constraints. You’ll get to experience a plethora of unconventional weapons and over a hundred types of vehicles. The storyline is straightforward, revolving entirely around destruction and combat. This game is incredibly relaxing to play and can help alleviate stress.

Shadow Warrior 2

A fantastic fantasy FPS shooting game with the coolest combat mechanics. It has significant influence in the gaming world and features a style of play with elements of dark humor. The arsenal includes firearms, melee weapons, and sci-fi weaponry, all providing top-notch handling, especially the melee weapons like knives. The storyline is tight, focusing solely on delivering intense combat for players. It’s a truly enjoyable game, perfect for casual relaxation.

Nioh 2

Experience an action-packed Japanese RPG game as challenging as ‘Sekiro.’ The ‘Nioh’ IP is well-known to most players, with the first installment being relatively straightforward. However, in this second installment, everything has undergone a major transformation. The graphics have improved, and players can now create their own characters, including appearance and design. The control difficulty has increased, and open-world elements have been integrated, making it a game that many players are sure to enjoy.


The most enjoyable and long-lasting masterpiece in the entire video game industry. Despite its simple graphics, players have complete control over every aspect of the game. Unleash your creative thinking and construct your very own virtual world in this game. With ‘Minecraft,’ you can fulfill your small dreams. This game is suitable for everyone to play.

Company of Heroes

“One of the most authentic World War II-themed real-time strategy (RTS) games ever made. It offers a rich and complex gameplay experience, with incredibly realistic battle scenes. The game includes single-player campaigns as well as online skirmish modes, providing a challenging multiplayer experience. This game series has gained considerable popularity. For fans of RTS games, it’s highly recommended to give this title a try.

Steel Harvest

A steampunk-themed RTS strategy game. Its style is similar to the ‘Company of Heroes’ series mentioned above, but with a fantasy setting. Released in September 2020, it is a relatively new game. The visuals are realistic, with impressive battle effects and destructible environments. If you’ve been playing realistic-style RTS games for a long time, why not try out a fantasy-themed RTS for a change.

Brothers in Arms: Final Edition

A classic from 19 years ago, remastered and faithfully recreated using an advanced engine. The visuals are incredibly realistic, making it feel like an entirely new game if we disregard the storyline. The gameplay is still as enjoyable as ever, with an extensive storyline and the option to explore a free mode after completing it. The graphics are so realistic that it might challenge your computer’s capabilities. Nonetheless, this game is truly outstanding and well worth revisiting for veteran players.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

A modern-futuristic, open-world, third-person tactical shooting game. It is considered the fifth installment in the ‘Ghost Recon’ series. The transformation is significant, introducing real-time physics and an incredibly realistic weather system. The open-world map is massive, featuring over 70 different vehicles and more than 100 firearms that you can freely control. The subsequent DLCs also include racing and PVP multiplayer content, ensuring that even the single-player experience will keep you engaged for days.

Outlast 2

A highly unique and high-quality horror-themed game. In this game, players are not fighting but constantly running and escaping. Most of the scenes take place at night, and the level of horror is something only players can experience. The design of being able to run but not fight might not suit every player, but the gaming experience is exhilarating, and it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

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