The globally popular hero tactical shooting PC game: “Unyielding Covenant” (VALORANT).

On July 12th, the 5v5 hero tactical shooting game “Unyielding Covenant” officially launched!

Developed by Riot Games, the same company behind “League of Legends,” this shooting game has won the hearts of players worldwide and received the prestigious title of Best Esports Game at the 2022 TGA awards. And starting today, all players on the Chinese server can also enter the game for free and enjoy unlimited gameplay!

The launch celebration for the Chinese server of “Unyielding Covenant” is now in full swing. It features the highly cost-effective Purple Palace Golden Lang skin set and the synchronization of the Chinese server Battle Pass, with internet cafe privileges being fully accessible. Additionally, “Unyielding Covenant” has created an ecological link with other League of Legends products such as “League of Legends,” “League of Legends: Wild Rift,” and “TFT: Reckoning.” Exciting content like CG animations, TV commercials, live show matches, and more are also being presented simultaneously, ensuring non-stop excitement!

The Chinese server of “Unyielding Covenant” has officially launched, offering players an authentic hero tactical shooting game experience. It comes with a wealth of sincerity in terms of version content, welfare rewards, event activities, game environment security, and gaming features.


In this initial release of the Chinese server, there will be 16 heroes, 4 battle maps, and 5 major game modes. Among them, the Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode, which was just launched overseas at the end of June, will also be one of the debut modes on the Chinese server.

At the same time, the highly anticipated and well-received weapon skin set “Purple Palace Golden Lang” will make its debut in the first version of the Chinese server, causing envy among overseas players. What’s even more significant is that “Unyielding Covenant” has introduced a commemorative Chinese-style melee weapon skin called “Flame Blade” exclusively for the Chinese server, and it will be unveiled to global players on July 14th. This is the gift that Anna Donlon, the Executive Producer of “Unyielding Covenant,” previously mentioned, specifically brought for Chinese players.


Starting from this moment, the Chinese server will accelerate its pace to catch up with the global standards, continuously introducing new heroes and battle maps at a faster update frequency. Additionally, various weapon skin sets will gradually be made available.

Simultaneously, the Chinese server will begin distributing rewards for pre-registration, pre-registration group bonuses, and exclusive benefits for players participating in the final testing phase. For the pre-registration reward, players only need to create a character on the official server to access the event page and claim it. The pre-registration group bonus can be obtained by meeting the criteria (forming a group of 5 players, with at least 3 members entering the game and completing the newbie guide) and visiting the event page. As for the exclusive benefits for players in the final testing phase, they will be automatically granted upon logging into the game after its official launch.

Furthermore, if you are an FPS player who frequently invites friends to go to internet cafes for gaming sessions, then you must not miss the “Unyielding Covenant” internet cafe privileges event: From July 10th to August 13th, by visiting any QQ internet cafe or esports hotel across the country, you can enjoy special benefits, including free access to all heroes, XP experience boosts, and the freedom to play with 6 different weapon skins. There are also various exciting activities and generous rewards to accompany you in your passionate gaming sessions.

Of course, one of the most significant aspects of “Unyielding Covenant” in the Chinese server is its ability to provide players with a smooth FPS gaming experience with ultra-low latency and minimal system requirements. Players can log in directly through their WeChat/QQ accounts, play in a unified server, and benefit from multiple server nodes across the country to ensure low-latency gameplay.

Additionally, the game can be launched through WeGame, Tencent Mobile Game Assistant, or the Chinese server’s independent launcher. Players can enjoy exclusive features like the “Unyielding Moment” replay recording system, which allows them to capture and store their exciting performances, supporting cloud storage, one-click editing, and easy sharing with friends or on social platforms.

Apart from the solid game content and welfare events, “Unyielding Covenant” also brings a wealth of visual and entertainment content! Firstly, it showcases the global premiere of “Collaborative Combat,” the first CG film jointly produced by Riot Games and Tencent Games, depicting a 5v5 team battle. Serving as the theme CG for the Chinese server launch, the story unfolds in the Eastern-themed map “Secluded Monastery,” featuring Chinese-themed hero Xianzhe leading the team in an epic collaborative battle for victory.



The earlier released TVC promotional video for the Chinese server launch, titled “āáǎà Ah?,” fully showcases the game’s social and entertaining aspects. Star players like Liu Yiyun (Amber), Anti-General, BouBoo, and Blackovo all exclaimed in unison, “Ah ah ah ah ah?” The unexpected fun of the game is vividly portrayed amidst dazzling visuals.


Furthermore, starting from July 13th, there will be a series of live show matches featuring star players such as Wang Yitai, Parkour, Zhang Yanqi, AK Liu Zhang, and other popular gaming influencers. Let’s look forward to witnessing their exciting FPS battles against numerous renowned game streamers, showcasing their gaming prowess!


无畏契约国服手游终测结束时间什么时候 手游内测结束时间一览_18183无畏契约专区

In order to celebrate the launch of the Chinese server, “Unyielding Covenant” has initiated an exciting ecological linkage with the entire series of “League of Legends” products, bringing plenty of surprises.

Firstly, in the “Fight with the Fist” event, players only need to link their “League of Legends,” “League of Legends: Wild Rift,” “TFT: Reckoning,” or other related game accounts to their QQ/WeChat accounts, register for “Unyielding Covenant,” and reach level 2 in the game. By doing so, they will receive a luxurious gift package blind box from the aforementioned popular games. The blind box rewards include exquisite skins from “League of Legends” and “League of Legends: Wild Rift,” the “TFT: Reckoning” Little Legends egg, as well as exclusive limited rewards specially designed for “Unyielding Covenant.”

valorant卡在加载界面进不去怎么办 无畏契约国际服常见问题解答-28283游戏网

Soon after, the globally popular “League of Legends: Double City Battle” themed gun skin “Justice of the Twin Cities” will also be exclusively available in the Chinese server. Players who love “Double City Battle” and Jinx must not miss this!

Heroes assemble, and in this FPS esports game, gunplay and strategies matter.

“Unyielding Covenant” may be a fast-paced FPS game that emphasizes short TTK (Time to Kill), but with its diverse and unique hero character designs, the game offers countless tactical possibilities. Each hero has the potential to perform spectacular killing sprees or manipulate opponents effortlessly using their unique abilities.

For instance, as a flanker, Jetstream can utilize her dashing ability “Chase the Wind” to quickly approach the objective, and then use the “Swift Cloud” skill to deploy smoke, obstructing the enemy’s vision. Following this, she can activate her ultimate skill “Hurricane Blade” and utilize the “Sky Rush” ability to take flight, swiftly eliminating opponents from the air.

As a vanguard, Iron Arm, on the other hand, can not only use his damaging skill “Quake Shockwave” to clear obstacles or hidden opponents behind walls but also employ “Flashpoint Blast” to blind enemies during his teammates’ breakthrough. Furthermore, he can use “Landslide” or the ultimate skill “Thunderstorm” to stun a large number of opponents in a wide area, providing his teammates with a significant combat advantage.


In addition to the individual gameplay of hero abilities, the skill combinations and coordination between different heroes, as well as the map control strategies revolving around the ultimate ability charge points, enhance the game’s watchability and competitiveness.

Meanwhile, “Unyielding Covenant,” despite being a free-to-play game, continuously undergoes balancing adjustments, coupled with extremely rigorous and efficient anti-cheating measures, ensuring the fairness of the game. This has contributed to the global eSports phenomenon surrounding “Unyielding Covenant.”

To support and promote global eSports events, Riot Games introduced the “Valorant Champions Tour” (VCT), a year-long global championship tour consisting of leagues and international competitions from around the world. This includes the top-tier global championships, masters tournaments, major international leagues, and challenger leagues.

According to data from EsportsCharts, the “Valorant Champions Tour” held in September last year saw overseas viewership ranking first for the month, even surpassing the viewership of the “League of Legends” S12 World Championship, which was then in its play-in stage.

Even more importantly, with the launch of the Chinese server, the CN esports region has started catching up with the rest of the world and has begun to shine on the global stage of “Unyielding Covenant.” In the recently concluded 2023 “Unyielding Covenant” Tokyo Masters, EDG and ASE were invited to participate. Among them, EDG defeated the former world champions NAVI and LOUD, successfully entering the top six, leaving a deep impression on the global participating teams.


In August this year, at the 2023 “Unyielding Covenant” Global Championship held in Los Angeles, USA, three teams from the CN esports region will once again take the stage to showcase the strength of CN. The three spots for CN esports teams were determined through the “Unyielding Covenant” Global Championship CN qualifiers. Among them, BLG and EDG have already secured two spots in the tournament on July 8th and July 9th, respectively. The third qualifying team will be determined in the matches on July 14th.


Millions of expectations from fans around the world culminated in the official launch of “Unyielding Covenant” (VALORANT) in the Chinese server, marking the final piece of the puzzle for this globally popular FPS shooting game.

Developed by Riot Games, “Unyielding Covenant” has garnered immense love from millions of FPS players worldwide since its release. It has consistently ranked among the top games on overseas live streaming platform Twitch, and has maintained its position as the most popular FPS game for the past two years. In 2022 alone, it accumulated a staggering 1.1 billion hours of total watch time.

In the 2022 TGA (The Game Awards) ceremony, “Unyielding Covenant” achieved remarkable success by winning four out of the five major esports categories. These awards include Best Esports Game (“Unyielding Covenant”), Best Esports Player (Yay, renowned North American player of “Unyielding Covenant”), Best Esports Team (LOUD, champions of the 2022 “Unyielding Covenant” global championship), and Best Esports Coach (bzkA, coach of the LOUD team).


In the “Unyielding Covenant” Chinese server announcement event held at the end of June, Tencent’s Senior Vice President, Ma Xiaoyao, praised “Unyielding Covenant” as “Tencent Games’ most important product release of the year.”

Now, with the official launch of the “Unyielding Covenant” Chinese server, this globally popular 5v5 hero tactical shooting game has truly achieved global coverage, allowing all Chinese players to enjoy the low-latency and exhilarating experience brought by the Chinese server!

July 12th, Unyielding Covenant, waiting for you to join.

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