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Which Mouse is Best? Top 6 Best FPS Game Mouse You Should Try 2019

For gamers who wants to have good performance on the game, a suitable game mouse is very important, not just hand-feeling, a good appearance and a first-class material is also very important, from which you can avoid slippery when you are playing the game. So, Which game mouse’s hand-feeling is awesome? Below are 6 game mouses that we recommended, hope you like it.

which mouse is best?

1. Logitech G400S

This is a ergonomically designed game mouse, easy to use, it’s quite famous. However, the sudden protrusion on the right side will have a feeling of resting hand when used. New users will need to adapt for a period of time. Therefore, you should carefully select it and not be careless when choosing the game mouse.

Logitech G400S

2. Blood hand ghost V8

This game mouse is also very popular that adopts a symmetrical design, easy to use. However, the finger groove on the right side of the mouse feels a bit narrow. The finger and the little finger are a bit awkward when user use it. Beside this, the tail of the mouse is sharp and sometimes might cut your hands easily.

Blood hand ghost V8

3. Elf Raytheon DT

This product have a abundance design, the ergonomic design on the right bring a very good touch feeling, the thumb feels comfortably because the groove had been designed on the left skirt. A very stable performance when you use it, all in all, it’s really a good choice for the playing game.

Elf Raytheon DT

4. What mouse feels good — Magic Paladin

This product have a skin-like surface, won’t be a good choice for sweaty hands’ people. Do prepare a clean towel and keep wipe the sweat from the mouse from time to time if you have to us it.

Magic Paladin

5. Razer – Deathadder 2013

This product have inherit the old python’s appearance design, same touch feeling, the new version have improved its’ surface by transform the smooth skin-like surface into a highly hard, frosted surface with uniform graininess can prevent the phenomenon of slippery and slippery in the game.

Razer-deathadder 2013 - which mouse is best?

6. Ragnok Mousegun

This product use a symmetrical design, not just the good touch feeling, also allows players to enter the role mood quickly. 2.4G wireless mouse, plug and play. The game chip has high sensitivity DPI, which is compatible with the game engine and compatible with all major games. And its mechanical buttons allow us to bring better feedback and improve our game level in the game.

Ragnok Mousegun - which mouse is best?

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