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How amazing will a professional ergonomic mouse going to be?

For many people, mouse is a product that you have to use every day, but you will feel tired after using it for a very long time, sometimes there are painful conditions on your fingers and wrists. You should pay attention at this time, you may have a “mouse hand”.


Mouse Hand

Mouse hand” is quite normal. Many people misunderstand that the mouse hand is only a minor illness, and ignored it for a long time. It is very likely that the hand muscles will shrink. In severe cases, it will develop into permanent inconvenience. In the most serious time, people can be disabled!

So choosing an ergonomically designed mouse is very important. Over the past three decades, mouse design has made great strides. An ergonomic mouse allows you to reduce hand fatigue.

Ragnok Mousegun pulls the user’s hand off the table and places it vertically so that when you use it, your hand is placed in pistol grip. The Ragnok Mousegun can be used for left or right handed operation, as well as wireless settings for more freedom in controlling the mouse.


This vertical imitation grabs the vertical mouse. The design is inspired by the artwork “Peace Eagle” in the pistol. According to the ratio of the real gun, the part of the gun is taken as the main body of the mouse, and the surface of the gun is attached with a non-slip design. One to one restores the gun to the shape. Fits the hand, it is comfortable to hold and flexible to move. Whether it is playing games for a long time or at home, it is more stress-relieving than traditional mice.

pistol design mouse


Unlike most modern mouse designs, the Ragnok Mousegun vertical mouse has two main buttons, the upper and lower buttons and the middle metal mouse wheel. The upper button replaces the left mouse button. The lower button replaces the right mouse button and bends naturally with your fingers make it easy to press. Symmetrical left and right, you can switch between right hand and left hand. The inside of the button is triggered by the mechanical keyboard red axis, and the rebound is powerful. Each button has passed 5,000 tests and is durable.

vertical mouse


It is obviously, there are many ideas in vertical mouse design that can help with pain management. Raise your hand immediately, pick up the Ragnok Mousegun and adjust your hand. The best way to describe the feeling of Mousegun is that it is quite similar to a pistol, with both fingers and thumbs facing forward and opposite each other.


2.4G wireless mouse, plug and play. The game chip has high sensitivity DPI, which is compatible with the game engine and compatible with all major games. In the game, when you first use a vertical mouse, the position of the modified hand means that you don’t have to quickly slide the mouse over the surface with fast and shaking motion. Once you’ve adapted to this sensibility, no matter what kind of game you play, you’ll be invincible.

As a person who uses a computer all day, it takes a long time to adjust to a new hand position. But once it is found, it is certainly much more comfortable than a traditional mouse, especially when used for a long time. You will definitely prefer a vertical mouse.

Ragnok Mousegun is an ergonomically developed device. It would be a really good choice for those people who want to avoid repetitive stress injuries, also for those gamers who are eager to win in the game.

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