how to setup mouse DPI

What Mouse DPI Do I Really Need for FPS Gaming?

There are 2 key points for play PUBG, the game mouse and game earphone should be very important! A good game mouse should consider a lot, spends a big amount of money for a performance mouse is not enough. So how should we choose a good game mouse?

how to setup mouse DPI

What mouse DPI do I really need for FPS gaming? Here are some advice about how to choose and setting’s experience for you!

1. Mouse acceleration

First, make sure that you have turn off the game mouse acceleration when you are playing FPS. What is mouse acceleration? The cursor moves the same distance across the screen at different speeds when the mouse moves the same distance across the mat. This seriously affects the targeting of the game .

Firstly, let’s turn on the system SETTINGS> DEVICE > MOUSE > OTHER MOUSE > POINTER > ENHANCE POINTER PRECISION, removed the ✅ here. The top selection moves at a default speed of 6/11, do not change it. This setting can avoid most of the mouse acceleration, but it also can not 1:1 reduction the mouse movement, like the popular hardcore FPS game CSGO. There is an option in the mouse SETTINGS called the original data input in the game, turn this option on can totally avoid the speed of the mouse from effect of the WINDOWS system, directly read movement trajectory from it, there is no such settings options on PUBG.

How to turn off mouse acceleration

2 Without DPI sensitivity the game are meaningless

Most players will focus on the value of their basic sensitivity, shoulder shot and four times eight times rate of the game, but seldomly mention the DPI value, it’s actually meaningless. When the mouse in different DPI, the speed won’t be the same during the same sensitivity in the game.

DPI is short from Dots Per Inch, means the pixel points value about the mouse move one Inch cursor of the mouse mat on the screen, the more pixels Per Inch the higher the DPI, and the speed of mouse will be much faster, 1080 p screen resolution rate between 1600 DPI to 2000 DPI can reach most people’s need currently, the higher DPI of the engine the more stability at low DPI.(mainstream engine model: PMW3310 PMW3360 PMW3366 PMW3389)


A lot of FPS professional player prefer to choose 400 DPI and the sensitivity is low in the game. To those lower DPI sensitivity game, when using the mouse on the mouse mat to move larger distance, we should move fewer pixels on the screen. It will be better for player to do the target control and trimming more easy in the game. Good for muscle memory formation after a long training, more accurate positioning when the player instantly pull a gun on the game. There are one thing that need to be mention about is that many manufacturers will have a special adjustment or customization service about the engine, different brand’s game mouse with the same DPI speed will also have a slight difference, which requires you to experience, we recommended you to choose the original phase of the PMW3310 engine mouse, which will be more stable.

3. Mouse refresh rate

Generally speaking, mouse refresh rate is the evaluation speed of mouse and computer data exchange. For example, the mouse of our early PS2 interface can only reach 125 HZ, which need to be improved by software overfrequency. 125 HZ means refresh rate in every 0.008 seconds, 1000 HZ means refresh rate in every 0.001 seconds, the higher the mouse per second the more data collected, which is one of the mouse performance indicators. Most professional players choose the refresh rate on 500 HZ or 10000 HZ, this can effectively guarantee the stability of the mouse, the higher frequency the higher CPU occupancy rate.

Mouse refresh rate

There will also have slight different touch feeling with different refresh rates on mouse movement. Most players who choose 500 HZ are used to the touch feeling of this refresh rate, so a lot of player keep choosing this setting. We recommended you to adjust the refresh rate to 1000 HZ, which is the best on this situation.

4. Game sensitivity

Let’s talk about the sensitivity on the PUBG. The sensitivity is more thinner in this game compare to other FPS game, the sensitivity of different situation can be set up separately. We can not calculate a player’s accurately eDPI value (mouse DPI multiplied to sensitivity of the game) on the CSGO project. It’s not smart to copy the mouse settings from those professional players. But we still can learn from them, many PUBG players have seen “North American’s first breakthrough hand” shroud’s game play collection, the marksmanship from him is remarkable from the game and let people doubt that they are playing the same game.

ragnok fps game mouse

That’s all for today. Hope every player can find their own mouse sensitivity through more actual combat on the game, defeat the enemy with one shoot ! WINNER WINNER , CHICKEN DINNER!

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  2. Thank you for sharing such an amazing guide. As a gamer, I would recommend 1k to 1600 for MMO games, and for a shooter game, 400 would be enough. What are your thoughts about it?

  3. Oh. My. God. I’ve had “Enhance Pointer Precision” checked ON for months. Normally, I would never enable it. Must have gotten enabled with a new Win 10 installation, that’s all I can figure. Thankfully, I now have it unchecked (Disabled).

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