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Want to be a Good FPS Player? You Should Choose Your Game Mouse Like This!

How popular about the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS(PUBG)? It’s obvious that the 18 years old FPS mouse IE3.0 successfully bring back on the market due to this game. Most people think that PUBG should be a FPS game, but deep down is a sandbox-like third-person shooting game. What kind of mouse is good for playing PUBG? Today we are going to sharing it here, for people who need this to buy the right mouse.

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FPS mouse is a basic requirement for playing game.

To be precise, PUBG doesn’t have a fixed design game mode, because it supports TPS and FPS, but both of them are great for playing with an FPS mouse. Since IE3.0 has become the ideal FPS mouse in FPS players’ minds, the definition of FPS mouse has been generated. First of all, it should be bigger enough! Secondly, the FPS mouse has the advantage of micro movement and precise positioning, which is very suitable for gamers to aiming and doing other small distance displacement on the screen. Finally, the mouse has a good fitting degree, so that the gamers’ hand will not be tired even when it need to be operated for a long time.

PUBG game

FPS games do not need a mouse with a particularly high DPI. Most of the mouse’s DPI Settings in the game are between 800 and 1200. Most of the game mouse in the market can achieve this range. However, FPS games have certain requirements for the refresh rate (or rate of return), so this mouse’s refresh rate must not be low, and the faster refresh rate ensures that the instruction arrives in time.

Playing PUBG should use the mouse shortcut keys.

Many players all agree that choose a good FPS mouse to playing PUBG would be enough. But the game against humanity design many shortcuts are actually not very friendly to most players. So most gamers prefer to set up a set of commonly used shortcut way for themselves, and it’s better to show the advantage of using shortcut keys, such as bind some frequently used operations on the mouse keyboard shortcuts, in order to fast attack the enemy when playing games. After all, if a player can show the gun more quickly than other players on the game, it would be be more easier for them to survival on the game.

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Of course this also has a big premise is mouse shortcut key must be easy to use, the shortcut key of many mouse is “sample goods”, still cannot feel so as long as have shortcut key to seem to be able to use very well only so far, had better oneself begin to try.

Mousegun, born for shooting, wanna shoot like a soldier?

ragnok game mouse

Ragnok Mousegun is a stand-up gun mouse design for shooting games. It intercepts the gun shape as the mouse body, conforms to the human body engineering design. Make sure the mouse fits human’s hand, and comfortable to grip and flexible enough to move. Symmetrical left and right on it’s design, make sure gamers can easily switch between the right and left hands when playing. Ragnok’s innovative design USES the left and right keys to pull the trigger up and down, using the index finger to bend naturally and pull the trigger easily. Internal design use mechanical keyboard red shaft trigger to insure strong rebound. With the high sensitivity DPI game chip, you can defeat the enemy invincible.

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