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Why do many FPS gamers like to spend a lot on an very expensive mouse?

Why do some gamers prefer to spend a lot of on some expensive computer equipment, such as the mouse. What’s the different on these device? Most people will have the same doubts about them. “Except the price, what’s the different between them and other equipment?”

If you are a peripheral device enthusiast, not just keyboard, monitor, projector, headphones, you must prefer to spend a lot of on those expensive equipment to feel uneasy.

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What, you already got a laptop? Compare to desktop, laptops won’t be that easier to upgrade it’s software.

Since you can’t not upgrade software on your laptop that easily, you’ll have to do something else.

It is said that the external keyboard feels good. Why not buy one of these keyboard? 

Are you lost in these variety of products?

After that more and more people begin to spend a lot on all kinds of computer equipment. Most people would prefer to spend a lot since they already make their decision on upgrade these equipment device. From the mouse to the keyboard and the earphone, etc. There is no doubt that most gamer would change all the equipment totally!

how to choose

Today, we would like to share a mouse to you. The kind of wireless gaming mouse that you won’t miss other mouse once you own it —— Ragnok’s Mousegun.

This vertical imitation gun mouse is born for shooting game, it’s design inspiration comes from the artwork of the pistol “Desert Eagle“, according the real gun’s proportion, restore the shape of the real gun one by one, perfectly combine the characteristic of mouse and gun, make you feelings like holding a real gun.

For a FPS player, a portable mouse is very essential.

Mousegun by Ragnok

This portable wireless gaming mouse can help you reduce the force for you to drag more faster when playing. Especially on those First-person shooting online game, it’s always necessary for pressure gun and pulling gun on the game, in order to do this you will need to move the mouse significantly, a portable mouse will be very essential during this time. For FPS hardcore player, you are going to like this portable mouse.

Mousegun is not just special on its lightness and portable!

Wireless connection, plug and play, 2.4g wireless technology, support all computers, wireless connections, accept to most device. Rechargeable, long battery life, large capacity rechargeable battery, high efficiency and energy saving. Internal design use mechanical keyboard red shaft trigger to insure strong rebound. With the high sensitivity DPI game chip, you can defeat the enemy invincible.

ragnok mousegun

Beside this, the biggest point of Ragnok’s Mousegun is the perfect ergonomic design. It perfectly fits human’s hand’s shape, it allow you to holds it side by side in both hands. So that you can relax the muscle after playing games for a long time. From this point, it’s much better than traditional mouse.

Is it worth? Should I buy it?

Definitely, no matter you are a professional gamer or just one of those people who have technology product fever. You gotta try it, it won’t let you down!

Dear gamers and players, see you next time!

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