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Steam’s Free FPS Game – Insurgency

In the FPS game, half-life can be said to be the existence of the originator. And the game based on this model is endless.

For example, CSGO is a classic masterpiece. The game “Insurgency” on Steam was also created with a half-life prototype. With the engine of origin, Let’s take a look at its performance on steam.

It can be seen that although this game is not as good as PUBG and CSGO. It can maintain 90% favorable rate, which is quite good.

So what is the difference between it and other similar FPS games?

I also tried to play it. The overall feeling is close to CSGO and PUBG. The details of the picture are still different from those two games. But in the aspect of the gun model is the real great, the guns have all kinds of accessories.

It’s very real. And the game map is full of street fighting style, flying billboards, burning trucks, hoarse and intermittent radio stations in dilapidated houses, very Iraqi style.

You can modify the gun by yourself. There will be a supply station on the map. There are many accessories for the gun. This is similar to PUBG.

Regarding to the game style, since the picture can not be prefect.

American comic style was used to make up for this deficiency. It uses the origin of the old version, which is optimized. And the dual-core + several hundred dollars of graphics card effects are all high and stress-free.

Finally, this game is the same as the basic FPS game operation. There are shovel and crawl, more complicated than the ordinary FPS game. The most critical point is that the game is too real, you will die in one or two shot. It never tell you that you still have blood.

If there is a double mirror, there will be a crosshair, and when the fire is suppressed, a lot of dust will appear to interfere with the enemy’s line of sight. If the gun is shot, the muzzle will flutter very strongly.

Basically bid farewell to the fight, unlike the mission and other games, you can jump, run and play, this is very similar to the feeling of modern warfare.

Therefore, we can see that this game is slightly hardcore. If you are new and unfamiliar with the recoil of the map and the gun, you will die without seeing anyone.

Overall, it feels that this game has more or less the shadow of COD, CSGO, PUBG, of course, not plagiarism, but this game is also relatively niche hard, hardcore players may prefer Some, competitive is not very strong, it is a game between immersive and competitive.

What if you use Ragnok’s mousegun to play this game, what kind of experience will it have? Looking forward to your review!

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