PUBG: What is the Difference Between FPS and Third-Person Games?

After the new update of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, many players must feel so excited about it and wanna try.

Today we are going to share the first person view of this game. Some of the people will wonder what is the first person view of the game.

What is FPS view?

The so-called first person view refers to the game from the first perspective, you can see your hand, you can see a part of the gun. But you can’t see your whole body.

The third person view is our original game perspective. From TPS view, it is the perspective of God on the game. You are a whole person in front of the screen, completely. After this upgrade of the game, there will have some new bugs at the same time, also will have advantages and disadvantages of it. Let’s explore the habit on the game first.

The First Person View

FPS or TPS, which one is more suitable for you to play this game?

The first person view is quite commons in lots of game, but the third person view which used to play on Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds will be quite awkward after this first person view’s new try. It is like playing a game with a 360-degree angle without a dead angle.

Srike of Kings, one of those kind of game that cannot move the angle of view. You will feel unconsciously to pull the screen during the game. And you will be very uncomfortable after finding that the angle of view cannot be rotated. When you are used to having the whole of you on the screen, the angle of view is the height of the flat view in the house. When you play the game with the first person view, you will feel that the whole person is walking. The angle of view is very strange, and everything is getting higher. Some players can’t even jump the window.

Third Person View

Secondly, the first person view is more wider than the third person view.

If the third person view’s information is 100%, then the first person view will be 120%.

A wider field of view allows people to get more information and make more accurate judgments. Changing the bullets can also be more clearly, from all of these, players can have more fun in the game. But the worst thing for the first person is that the vision is too ego, which will cause you to see the wall when you look at the person against the wall, unless you stretch out your head , or the field of vision is equivalent.


For example, when hiding, someone is playing against you. When you hide behind a bunker and play with a third person view, he can’t hit you. You can also observe his situation. But when you play with the first person view, you can’t see him when you hide behind the bunker. When you hit him, you can’t make sure that he is aiming at you or not. He also has to adjust the crosshair according to his position when you hit him. All of these do brought some unaccustomed game experience to everyone.

So how to choose a game mouse for different games?

I believe that many people choose to buy a game mouse is when they started to love a game and want to have better performance in the game. They want to improve their game technology through improving the hardware of the device to the game. There are still a lot of players who need a good game mouse to improve their game experience.

In one sense, FPS is the most demanding game for game mouse, because the core of FPS games is mouse pointing. The faster and more accurate the mouse points, the higher the game level. FPS players require far more responsiveness and accuracy than other players in the game, so FPS players have the highest mouse requirements.

Mousegun by Ragnok

FPS games have a principle called less is more, and the best thing to do is Ragnok Mousegun. Ragnok Mousegun is very balanced from any aspect of the shape and weight, it do not have gorgeous RBG and various driving functions. Ragnok Mousegun is most focused on the basic – feel of FPS. According to the ratio of the real gun, the part of the gun was taken as the main body of the mouse, and the surface of the gun was attached with a non-slip design of the simulated gun. One to one restores the gun to the shape. Fits the hand, comfortable for you to hold and flexible to move when using it. Therefore, Ragnok Mousegun is especially favored by gamers.

Well, the above is what we want to share today, if there’s other thing you wanna know, please follow us, leave your message in the comment area, we will share more information to you, have a good day!

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