FPS Aim Training – How to Improve Your FPS Aim?

FPS aim Training. Being a better FPS player means building good habits and learning how to practice and hold your game mouse.

1. The initial training of gun sensation

From the meaning of the title, it’s the sense of gun. The movement of the mouse corresponds to the rotation of the angle of view in the game. How far the hand moves, how far the angle of view will rotate, and how the hand should move when the sight is moved to a certain position.


This is the sense of gun, only with a preliminary sense of gun, can gamer target the enemy in the game. The initial practice of the gun sense is very simple. Go to the shooting range and hit the robot. You can shoot those static target first, then continue on those moving target . When you can hit a moving robot with a bullet, you can carry out the following gun-like advancement. 

2. Fixed position and fixed exercises on those multiple target

This exercise requires the use of the target in the shooting range. There are total of 5 puzzles, which can be numbered to 1 till 5. The way to practice is to hit the 5 puzzles in the order you set up them, and you can’t miss the target. You can’t mistakenly hit other puzzles. At first, you can play slowly, but you must force yourself to speed up the shooting. You can hit 5 puzzles with 5 shots at the fastest shooting speed at any time. You can practice your micro control level by zooming in and out.


Advanced practice: practice with two targets. The first shot hits the 1st position of the A target, the second shot hits the 1st position of the B target, and the third shot comes back to the 2nd position of the A target, the fourth shot hits the 2nd position of the B target, and so on, can be set by itself, and can be practiced with three targets later.

3. Fixed target exercises in motion

In this exercise, the crosshairs are facing the head of the robot, and then the body moves. At first, it can move more regularly, and later add irregular movements. Keep the crosshairs in the robot’s head. This exercise is especially useful for hunting and death, and can be practiced at any time during normal games. For example, when attacking, it is customary to spray a circular paint on the wall. And then the crosshairs are moving against the painted body.


4.Men’s dream of FPS game artifact – Ragnok Mousegun

RagnokTech, combined with the art of the pistol “Desert Eagle“, combines the mouse and the pistol according to the ratio of the real gun. And restores the shape of the gun one to one, that’s how Mousegun be created.

The main feature of this Mousegun is that we can input and control the hand and fingers in the most comfortable position during the game. Avoiding too much pressure to maintain an action for a long time.

Ragnok Mousegun

The key shaft, equipped with a mechanical keyboard, allows us to achieve the most comfortable angles during game and work with the most ergonomic design.

The anti-slip design with the texture of the simulated gun on the surface will not make mistakes during the touch operation. Whether it is shooting, RTS or MMRPG, Ragnok Mousegun can bring you a new experience. And its mechanical buttons allow us to bring better feedback and improve the game level in the game.

With a push button pressure of 49 grams and a keystroke of 1.4 mm. The Ragnok Mousegun responds quickly to the key commands. With the help of Ragnok Mousegun, the APM rate in the game will soar rapidly, leaving the opponent behind you, which will bring you the highest level.

Then, if there are more convenient equipment to improve the game level, why not spend some money to update these equipment!

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