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FPS game mouse setting guide: For all the FPS game, the mouse speed is the most discussed setting by the player. What is the speed of the professional player’s mouse in various forums? ” Well newcomers, mouse speed, the slower the better! ” More and more posts about game mouse setting coming up everywhere.

However, everyone have different habits. It is not smart to copy the professional gamers’ mouse settings without any other thinking. After the good habits about game mouse usage form, you should set the values according to your own habits, instead of chasing the high values of the mouse setting by copying other people’s without your own usage habit.

Here are 2 prerequisites for FPS mouse settings guide:

  1. Open the mouse native input
  2. Turn off the game mouse acceleration

Reasons are like below:

  1. After opening the mouse native input, the game will directly read the raw data input by the mouse. This mouse speed has nothing to do with the system’s mouse speed, which make it more easier for players to adapt different computers.

  2. Mouse acceleration is a very strange option, as below shows, we move the mouse from point A to point B on the mouse pad.

In the situation of turn off the mouse acceleration. The moving distance feedback in the game is the same as the A-B distance A1-B1, no matter the speed of the mouse you move is extremely fast or very slow, the feedback distance is the same.


But after turning on the mouse acceleration, move the mouse slowly, and the feedback is normal A1-B1. However, if you move the mouse quickly, such as a rifle and a gun, the system will give you an acceleration compensation, and the feedback will become A2-B2 with a longer distance. And the compensation distance is random, depending on how fast your mouse moves, which is a fatal flaw for players who have developed muscle memory, especially snipers, which will affect the stability of your rifle.

Firstly, the interpretation of DPI and eDPI

DPI: The value of the pixels in the screen when the mouse pointer passes each time the mouse moves 1 inch (2.54 cm). This value does not represent the actual speed within the game.


eDPI: DPI* In-game mouse speed, the value of eDPI is the intuitive feedback of the actual speed in the game.

There are also many players asking, I set 400DPI, 2 mouse speed and set 800DPI, what is the difference between 1 mouse speed? Both eDPIs are 800, both indicate that the mouse moves 1 inch and the crosshair moves 800 pixels.

But the difference between them is the accuracy of the movement.

800DPI, 1 mouse speed, means that the mouse moves 1/800 inch, and the crosshair moves 1 pixel.

400DPI, 2 mouse speed, means that the mouse moves 1/400 inch, and the crosshair moves 2 pixels.

But when you move 1/800 inch at 400 DPI, the crosshair will not move. Only a distance of 1/400 inch will trigger the crosshair movement.

By comparison , high DPI and low mouse speed are superior to low DPI and high mouse speed.

However, DPI should not be set too high. Although in theory, high DPI means high precision. In practical applications, if the DPI is too high, it will lead to a decrease in accuracy. Therefore, according to the current situation, DPI is not recommended to be more than 2000, both of 800 and 1600 will be good choices.

Secondly, eDPI setting standards

The slower the mouse speed in CSGO, the better it is. But what should be pursued is the slower the better in the range of your habits. For example, the use of the mouse is divided into arm flow and wrist flow, and the standards for “slow” are necessarily different.

Moving from left to right within the range of use that you are accustomed to, you can turn 180° rotate if needed. That’s the setting of the mouse speed . When reaching this standard, the slower the better. The first-line professional players use eDPI within 800~1500, we can speed up a little. But we do not recommended to exceed 2000.

Thirdly, the speed of the mouse speed

Low eDPI is one of the most important points of high eDPI: good for aiming and controlling guns.

In CS games, if there is a crossfire in the middle and long distance, the enemy has almost one point on the screen. At this time, the advantage of low eDPI is relatively large, and the small adjustments during aiming and controlling the gun are more convenient. In the crossfire of this situation, high eDPI is easy to cause a large displacement of the crosshair due to a slight jitter of the hand.


Although the high eDPI is in not the major point. It has an advantage when user turns it. But it is no match for the low-speed factor in the core of FPS – the advantage on the gun. Therefore, the slower mouse speed is still the mainstream in current FPS games. After all, the centimeter-level adjustment is much easier than the millimeter-level adjustment.

Above are what we want to share with you today. FPS mouse guide, adjust your mouse speed in the right way. It will be great for you to improve your play skill in the game.

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