Ragnok 2


The Best Vertical Gaming Mouse for FPS

Born for FPS

Ragnok 2 brings you the feeling of holding a real gun and pulling the real triggers.

  • Built with the ratio of the real gun-grip.
  • Features trigger style buttons that equipped with Outemu black switches and vibration feedback.

Dual Modes

(Wired and Wireless)

Ergonomic Design

Up to 16000 dpi

 (PMW 3335 )

Why Vertical Gaming Mouse?

Tradictional Mouse

Creates fatigue and discomfort

Vertical Mouse

Reduces pressure on carpal tunnel area, offers a more natural hand position



Size: 107mm × 63mm × 30mm

Weight: 99g

Material: ABS, Metal roller

Battery: 600 mAH

Use time: 56 hours

Standby: 2 months

Note: When the USB is connected to the computer, the vibration turns on. When the vibration abates, it needs a wired connection to charge.